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Cheap Kevin Durant Slippers mystery of accept Mu: Mean high salary, team does not wish

Marc Stein is pushing the reporter of ESPN to go up especially tomorrow spoke of why to do obeisance to accept Mu to do not have lose up to now a new contract Cheap Kevin Durant 6.5 Low Outlet.

“ arrives Zhou Si's time, the Mu that do obeisance to accept once became comfortable player formally 3 weeks, the less important cause that he still did not join a new team has at 2 o'clock ……”

“ the first, the Mu that do obeisance to accept is loath bear base salary contract; The 2nd, do not have team to would rather give him higher than base salary salary. Needless to say the Mu that do obeisance to accept to after all many want to play a ball game. ”

This sports season hit the Mu of 26 years old that do obeisance to accept in all 24 contests, every contest enters the court 19 minutes, dedicate 8.4 minutes 5.3 backboard and 1.6 close over Cheap Kevin Durant Slippers.

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