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Cheap Kobe 8 New Colorway Person only month is defeated by Kaierte ball 15, team history the first time

Tomorrow 94-95 is lost after 76 people, kaierte person (American time) the military successes January decides case to be 2 get the better of 15 negative, this is Kaierte person group Shi Chu second the ball is defeated to arrive at 15 inside a month.

The person has had Kaierte 2 times to present only month 14 negative, discerning is to was mixed in January 2007 in March 1997 (all be 2 get the better of 14 negative) cheap Mens 2014 Lebron 11. After this field contest, person military successes is Kaierte 15 get the better of 33 negative, list Atlantic area the 5th, east area the 13rd Cheap Kobe 8 New Colorway.

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