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Cheap Lebron 10 Low Small Jordan: Those who wait to star reserve battle array is released completely that momently

The battle array of complete star reserve of in former years will announce formally at 8 o'clock on January 31 morning in Beijing time, according to flier team advocate Shuai Daoke - Lifusi expresses, he and many western coach contact passes, hope these coaches can cast Deandelu - Jordan is surpassed into the complete star of in former years. Li Fusi expresses, although him lose a few right answers, but final consequence or the situation that must see time Cheap Lebron 10 Low.

Li Fusi expresses at the same time, he hopes Jordan can be elected.

“ yes, say of ” Li Fusi, “ but there still are many other players on that position. ”

Nonlocal time this Zhou Si's time, NBA alliance will release battle array of complete star reserve formally.

I await “ release that momently, no matter what did coaches cast, I can respect this consequence, say of ” tall red, “ if I am chosen to enter, that is very good, I can feel very excited cheap Lebron 11 Low Easter. If do not have, this will be pressure of the another on my shoulder, I can hold to me continuously the level that this sports season hits. ”

Current, the lay mines of flier team is overcome - Griffin once with head hair battle array was elected as complete star, kelisi - Paul criterion all up is elected with reserve capacity. Griffin expresses, he thinks Jordan is worth to be elected.

“ yes, I do not know you still can ask he does more, say of ” case Li Fen, “ his rebound first entire alliance, and the center that is our defense end. ”

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