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cheap Lebron 10 MVP Limited Howard not dread ” chop suddenly ” : I resemble Lei Ji - Miller

A contest that will end tomorrow, calf of win by a narrow margin of 117-115 of rocket guest field. After contest, bosom of rocket center heart is special - Howard states he will be behaved in penalty shot on-line tomorrow resemble Lei Ji - Miller is same.

Although suddenly Huadeben 5 the grabs rebound of field contest is sports season lowest, but he is original 5 minutes 8 punish 7 in, among them large minority fouls is a calf foul intentionally cheap Kobe 7 Prelude. Suddenly tomorrow Hua Deyi is in all on penalty shot line 11 punish 9 in, and he the penalty shot of this sports season hits the target rate for 55.6% .

I resemble “ Lei Ji - Miller is same. ” Howard is in bear the say when the reporter is interviewed.

This field contest Howard comes on the stage 36 minutes, take 5 bank 1 times close over cheap Lebron 10 MVP Limited.

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